I get loads of questions to my Instagram channel and I will always try and answer them but at times, there is just too much to answer. So I thought why not just try and put as much out on my podcasts.

So here we have the #AskAjarnKen Podcast Episode Number 1

  1. What's the difference with Beware and Aware 01:52
  2. Pronounce 'unfortunately' 04:18
  3. Do we say All is or All are 05:56
  4. How to use the verb 'to be' 07:10
  5. What does 'one hell of a ride' mean 13:41
  6. How to use 'such as' 16:15
  7. What's the difference with 'should' and 'must' 17:39
  8. A Passive Voice Example 20:52
  9. Are 'would rather' and 'would prefer' the same 23:04
  10. Using 'been' and 'gone' 24:45
  11. What's the meaning of 'imma' 26:30
  12. How to pronounce 'beer' and 'bear' 28:15
  13. The difference with 'past perfect' and 'present perfect' 29:21


About Ajarn Ken

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Ajarn Ken is an English as a second language teacher with over 10 years experience teaching English all over the world including Europe, Central and South America and Asia.


Most recently, Ken was teaching university graduates in Bangkok, Thailand English and self development to prepare them for working in the aviation industry.


Ken successfully worked with hundreds of students placing them with some of the world's most well known airlines including Qatar, Emirates, Thai Airways, Norwegian Air, Gulf Air, Singapore Airline and many more.


Ken now has his own successful and well known Instagram channel Get English Tips which has well over 100,00 followers.