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  • English learning tips - 3 ways of making learning easier

    English learning tips - 3 ways of making learning easier

    For students learning a language, some books and resources will go through and advise you to learn words one by one. By this I mean there will be a long list of new words and they ask you to memorize....sounds a good an interesting way to learn? No, we don;t think so are three tips on learning a new language.....

  • How can I improve my fluency in speaking English

    improve your english fluency tips

    How can I improve my fluency in English? What can I do to speak English much more fluently? This was a question I had in my Question and Answers stories on my Instagram page.

  • How To Be An Expert In English

    How to be an expert in speaking English with ajarn ken

     Hi it's Ken here this podcast short is with myself Ajarn Ken we've got teacher Tino and teacher Michael another couple of English as a second language teachers from Instagram that I know very well. This podcast short, we'll look at a question it's a very, very common question I get to my Instagram channel Get English Tips and it is 'How to be an expert in English'

    So everyone every teacher gets this question so it's really, really interesting to get three teachers and their different viewpoints on what makes you improve your English. So we talk a lot about the skills and how to acquire the skills, we talk about accent and pronunciation, not just with students but from our own experiences of traveling the world and teaching around the world, so very, very interesting.

    I really hope that you find it useful and you get a lot from it and if you haven't already done so please subscribe to my YouTube channel to get all the latest English lessons that will help you to improve your English skills. So without further ado here's the podcast short.

  • How to Learn English At Home

    Study English at Home Get English Tips Online English Courses

    Now that the whole world is practically in lockdown without much chance to socialise and go out, if you can't get to your normal social gathering or school or University, what are you going to do?

  • How to learn English speaking.

    Wanting to speak English is probably the number one thing I am asked. In fact, having the opportunity to speak English came top in a recent survey of my Get English Tips Instagram community.

    So, the big question is "How can I learn to speak English" The one thing that you should remember is that some people can learn a language quicker than others. So never compare yourself.

  • Top 5 dos and donts for learning English

    Top 5 dos and donts for learning English

    We are often asked how can it be easier to learn English. Well today we have put together our Top 5 of the Do's and Don'ts of learning English.

  • Using Many and Much in a Negative Sense in English Conversation

    I got this question recently and the Get English Tips community member was saying they heard that 'many' and 'much' we use in a negative sense. They were just wanting confirmation this was the case.

  • What you should be doing to learn your language slightly quicker

    What you should be doing to learn your language slightly quicker

    One thing I get asked a lot, is how can I improve my English. Everyone asks it and everyone want to know it.

  • Where to learn English free

    Study English For Free Courses and Free Resources

    I'm sure many, many people, in fact everybody wants to learn English for free. There are many, many free ESL (English as a Second Language) resources. From Tips, Images, Videos, Communities, there are millions of resources. You just have to find the ones that are good for you. Unfortunately, there aren't that many places you can go to to learn and practice English directly with someone for free.