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English Vocabulary using so in english

Hi Ajarn Ken,

Thanks for your website. It really is good for me to look at and helps me with my English. I have a question, the word so in English is used many many times and sometimes it can confuse me how and when to use it.

The difference between "tell" and "say" in English Vocabulary

Ajarn Ken

I have had it explained many times but still I do not know the difference between using Tell and say in English.Can you help?

 Artur from Mexico

Reported Speech in English conversation with esl expert and english teacher ajarn ken

Hi Ajarn Ken,

I really like the website! What is the difference between using what and whatever in English as sometimes this makes me confused!!!! Hope you can help! Thank you.

Raj - India

Vocab: The difference in using "between" and "among"

Hello Ajarn Ken,

I think that between and among are the same word. How do I use these properly in English?

Pieter from Bulgaria

English Vocabulary The meanings of "get"

Hi Ajarn Ken,

I have seen the word get used so many times in so many ways. Can you tell me how to use the word get properly in English please?

Thank you!

Artur - Mexico

The three uses of "then" in English Vocabulary

Ajarn Ken

One thing I think I need to really improve my English is using the small words - one word I have problems with is the word THEN. Can you help?

Sayid from Algerie

English Vocabulary The word "hard" has 3 meanings in English

Hello Ajarn Ken,

I was doing some course work and saw that the word hard has more than one meaning in English. This surprised me! Can you tell me how many meanings it has in English?

Thank you and I enjoy your website!!

Pan from Thailand

English Vocabulary Two meanings of "like" in English

ajarn Ken, I hear some of my English friends saying the word LIKE quite a lot and I have no idea why!!! Can you help?

Andreas from Belarus.

English vocabulary and prepositions

Ajarn Ken,

I am a little confused using on and onto. I thought these were the same meanings but can you tell me how to use them?

Thank you very much, RP from Portugal

English Vocabulary why and because in english

Ajarn Ken

Using Why and because - they mean the same thing, dont they?

Diane from Tunisia

What is the difference between using "in" and "within" English vocabulary

Hey Ajarn Ken

Thanks for your website. I find it useful to me learning English. I hope you can answer my question, What is the difference between using in and within in. How can i remember the difference?

Thank you very much

Natalia from Spain

English Vocabulary What's the difference between "further" and "more"

Hi Mr. Ken

Its really nice to learn English in such an easy way like you are teaching , I wanted to know about using of further & more.

Thanx . Rehana