Prepositions in English Grammar

Hello Ajarn Ken, I think I have some problem about how to some prepositions. For example, when to use at, in for things like the time and months and places. It really confuses me most of the time. Can you tell me more? Aom from Thailand.

Gerunds and Infinitives English Grammar

Ajarn Ken,

Can you tell me what the difference is between gerunds and the infinitive of verbs?

thank you

Ami from France

Learn English Gerunds Grammar

Hi Ajarn Ken,

this question drives me crazy about English!!! Can you tell me about gerunds ... what are they? Are they verbs or nouns?

Please help me! Thank you

Anita from India

Practice English speaking Tongue Twisters

The best thing an student learning English can do is practice, practice and even more practice!!! If you feel confidence with pronunciation then you will feel your English getting better. A good way to practice is to read out loud although some words and sentences in English can be difficult to pronounce.