The three uses of "then" in English Vocabulary

Ajarn Ken

One thing I think I need to really improve my English is using the small words - one word I have problems with is the word THEN. Can you help?

Sayid from Algerie

A word that you will often hear in English and one that you should really become familiar with how to use is the word "then".

The word "then" has three meanings:-

  1. At that time - e.g. I shall see him on Thursday and will give him the news then (at that time)
  2. Next - e.g. We'll have dinner first, and then (next) watch T.V.
  3. In that case - e.g. If you don't understand, then (in that case) ask.

Here are some more examples:

  1. I began studying English last year, and before then (i.e. before that time) did not know a single word.
  2. I shall study first, then (i.e. next) go to the cinema.
  3. You will find the door locked; then (i.e. in that case) what will you do .