Learn English Vocabulary synonyms to good great

I saw sitting in class the other day with a couple of students and were describing things. The adjective the students most used was 'good' and when pushed for an alternative the best that they could push them to was 'great'.

Now, they were at the lower levels of learning English but I thought bout it and a few other students at the higher levels also had a similar proble,. Although their vocabulary in English was good, and technically good, to express themselves can be quite difficult.

So with this is mind, here are a few alternatives to feeling good or great about something:


Wonderful is a reall warm and nice and light and feeling. We can use it a lot in a romantic sense, for example, we can say:

Oh, I went to Paris, it's such a wonderful city and I had such a wonderful time at the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral.

We can also use it to show that we really feel good for a friend who has had some good personal news, maybe they have annouced they are expecting to have a baby, we can say:

Oh, that's wonderful news, I'm so pleased and happy for you both.

As you can see 'wonderful'' in English is used in a very warm way.


'Excellent' in English, we use in a more formal way. Perhaps in business, the company have done very well, you can say:

Well done everyone, we have some excellent news! The sales figures were excellent and your performance was excellent!

We can also compliment someone for having or speaking good English. Perhaps they are very confident and have good pronunciation, we can say:

I'm very impressed, your English is excellent and your grammar structure is excellent. you have obviously visited an English speaking country for a while.

So as you can see excellent we can use in a formal way and giving compliments about performace.


Brilliant is a great word. This is quite similar to wonderful but it is used in a much more excited way. We can about our visit to Paris

Oh my goodness, Paris was brilliant! We went to the top of the Eiffel Tower and had a brilliant view over the city during rush hour. We then saw all the brand names on the Champs-Eleysse, that was brilliant too!

We can use it in a more active way also, For example, we can say:

It was a brilliant day! We went on a river boat up the river and saw the pink dolphins, then we spent three days climbing and then we finally got the top. It was such a brilliant feeling that we finally reached our destination. Very tired but very happy!

We can also use this if someone is an expert at something. We can say for example:

They have such a brilliant mind! It was a brilliant idea!


Fantastic is another move up from wonderful and brilliant. We can use it to show we are really happy and excited about something.

We had a fanastic time, we had a wonderful journey on the river, brilliant sightseeing at the Eiffel Tower! The whole holiday was just fanastic and we had a fanastic time.

We can also use it to show that the news we have heard is very important and it's good news and we are excited for the future. We can say:

Wow! You got grade A? That's fantastic news! That's one more step to your dream job. You've worked really hard and now with a fantastic result!


We use worthwhile when something is positive and valuable, perhaps experience or an activity. We can say

Yes, the course was very worthwhile, I learned a lot from Ajarn Ken.

We can also use it to give someone encouragement, maybe they are nervous about an interview. You can say:

Don't worry, you'll do well. It will be such a worthwhile experience and you can be more prepared next time!

 So there's five alternatives to good or great in English. Hope you find this information worthwhile! Pleaase leave a comment or better still, leave a sentence using one of these words!