perfect continuous english grammar

Ajarn Ken,

can i use the phrase - I am living in UK since June? as it is happening now.


Kluay from Thailand

Hi Kluay,

Well good question. Really we should be using the Present Continuous Tense. We use this tense when we talk about something that started in the past and continues down to the present. This tense is sometimes called Present Perfect Progressive. 

In your example:

  • I have been living here in the UK since June.

In this sentence there are three verbs: have, been and living.

  1. Have is the present tense of the auxiliary verb.
  2. Been is the past participle of be.
  3. Living is the -ing form or the continuous (or progressive) form of the main verb live

Well I hope that this answers your question. Thanks for your email!!!.

Ajarn Ken