What is the meaning of whatever it takes is this a sentence of an idiom

"Whatever it takes' is a great expression to show that you are really determined to do something well or to be successful with your task. You are very, very focussed and no matter how many onstacles or challenges you come across or face, you will find a way to get through them to achieve your ambition, goal or target.

Some example sentences:

  • I really want to learn English so I will do whatever it takes to achieve this, even if it means studying all day, every day, I will do it.
  • My goal is to climb Mount Everest, I will start training for this and do whatever it takes, to climb the summit, even if it means putting myself in great danger.
  • My ambition is to travel the world, especially Europe so I will do whatever it takes to save the money to get me there, even if it means working 18 hours a day.

So as you can see, it's a really determined phrase.