Study English For Free Courses and Free Resources

I'm sure many, many people, in fact everybody wants to learn English for free. There are many, many free ESL (English as a Second Language) resources. From Tips, Images, Videos, Communities, there are millions of resources. You just have to find the ones that are good for you. Unfortunately, there aren't that many places you can go to to learn and practice English directly with someone for free.

Instagram Live with English teachers

Following ESL teachers who do regular lives is a great way to learn and practice your English skills Some English teachers will invite their community to join them in the live. Always take this opportunity to speak with an English teacher free of charge.

Online Learning platforms

There are many e- learning platforms out there. Some of these can be expensive but there are lots that are free. There are groups on Facebook, as an example that source coupons to offer free courses. These are very worthwhile to join these. Go to Facebook and search 'UDEMY FREE" and you'll find what you are looking for

Free teacher Lesson

There are millions of videos on Youtube to learn English. Search and find teachers you like and then subscribe to their channels. Youtube is actually a search engine library. Go there and search for what you want to know and learn. Some teachers will invite you to join their Lesson email list. This is also great resources that are free.

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About Ajarn Ken

Get English Tips with Ajarn Ken

Ajarn Ken is an English as a second language teacher with over 10 years experience teaching English all over the world including Europe, Central and South America and Asia.


Most recently, Ken was teaching university graduates in Bangkok, Thailand English and self development to prepare them for working in the aviation industry.


Ken successfully worked with hundreds of students placing them with some of the world's most well known airlines including Qatar, Emirates, Thai Airways, Norwegian Air, Gulf Air, Singapore Airline and many more.


Ken now has his own successful and well known Instagram channel Get English Tips which has well over 100,000 followers.