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Now that the whole world is practically in lockdown without much chance to socialise and go out, if you can't get to your normal social gathering or school or University, what are you going to do?

Thankfully the internet is now being seen as something that is required for everyone and even more thankfully most people will have access to it. So what great sources are there online?

Learn English on Social Media Platforms

Instagram is excellent for this where many English teachers online will have regular live sessions. These live sessions will involve the English teacher along with another teacher or with questions from students.

I love to have regular live sessions where students can join me live and can interact with me on the Get English Tips Instagram account.

Join a teacher lesson list

Some ESL teachers offer lessons by email. This is great to get a wide range of ESL activities. The teacher will usually send you an email once or twice a week. It may be a video or written with a quiz.

Take advantage of these free learning materials. Some of them you'll enjoy, some of them not but it's a start.

An example is on the Get English Tips website.

Online Learning Platforms

There are numerous online courses for you to learn English. Some are quite expensive but there are some that can be very cheap.

Platforms such as UDEMY offer on line courses at a cheap price. You can check the course ratings and-student feedback plus there is a 30 day money back guarantee

You can see this at Ajam Ken's English courses.


About Ajarn Ken

Get English Tips with Ajarn Ken

Ajarn Ken is an English as a second language teacher with over 10 years experience teaching English all over the world including Europe, Central and South America and Asia.


Most recently, Ken was teaching university graduates in Bangkok, Thailand English and self development to prepare them for working in the aviation industry.


Ken successfully worked with hundreds of students placing them with some of the world's most well known airlines including Qatar, Emirates, Thai Airways, Norwegian Air, Gulf Air, Singapore Airline and many more.


Ken now has his own successful and well known Instagram channel Get English Tips which has well over 100,000 followers.