get learn English Tips have a short term plan and long term plan

Give yourself a short term goal and a long term goal and focus on working towards them. Reward yourself when you hit a target or achieve your goal. Know why you are learning English.

Learn English Idiom Make My Day

Ever wondered how to tell someone that the action they did for you made you feel very special? Now you can with ESL expert Ajarn Ken.  

The first conditional in English Grammar

There are five conditional clauses or IF Clauses in English Grammar.

English learning tips - 3 ways of making learning easier

For students learning a language, some books and resources will go through and advise you to learn words one by one. By this I mean there will be a long list of new words and they ask you to memorize....sounds a good an interesting way to learn? No, we don;t think so are three tips on learning a new language.....