Difference Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous

Ah yes, this is an incredibly, common question I am asked and I can understand why. Remember the Simple tense will tell us a fact or a routine while the continuous tense tells us the action is presently happening now.

How to use helping verb to be in English Grammar

This is a very common question and I can totally understand why the verb 'to be' can confuse a lot of English learners. The verb 'to be' we can use in a few different situations. Let's go through each one. 

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I'm sure many, many people, in fact everybody wants to learn English for free. There are many, many free ESL (English as a Second Language) resources. From Tips, Images, Videos, Communities, there are millions of resources. You just have to find the ones that are good for you. Unfortunately, there aren't that many places you can go to to learn and practice English directly with someone for free.

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Now that the whole world is practically in lockdown without much chance to socialise and go out, if you can't get to your normal social gathering or school or University, what are you going to do?