To congratulate or Compliment Someone is to Give a Pat on the back

I was in learn English class recent and one thing I do with students, is we talk about their work experiences and the good things that happened to them and the feedback they received.

Learn English Vocabulary synonyms to good great

I saw sitting in class the other day with a couple of students and were describing things. The adjective the students most used was 'good' and when pushed for an alternative the best that they could push them to was 'great'.

Learn English expression To Look Straight Through Somone

I was in English class with some students the other day and we were discussing something about customer service where something had gone wrong. She was trying to describe the reaction of the customer.

How to learn English quicker and easier in a way you will understand

Once thing I am always asked by students learning English is how to get the opportunity to speak English if I don't have foreigner friends.