#1 Have a short term and long term plan

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get learn English Tips have a short term plan and long term plan

Give yourself a short term goal and a long term goal and focus on working towards them. Reward yourself when you hit a target or achieve your goal. Know why you are learning English.

What do you want to achieve? Why do you want to speak English fluently, for a job, for travel, for university or maybe your friends speak English? How long will you study? How will you know when you meet your goal? What will happen?

I have taught hundreds of students. I can always tell the ones that have goals and targets to acheive and similarly I can always tell the ones who really don't have any goals. They generally are not focussed during class and annoyingly, they are the ones that will ask questions but will not be interested in the answer! grrrr!!!

When I was learning Spanish, or when i decided that I should start learning Spanish properly, I was working in Spain and some of my colleagues were able to answer the phone in English and quickly change languages from English to Spanish if there was a Spanish customer on the other end. I thought this was very impressive, so I made that one of my first goals, to be able to speak in Spanish on the phone.

What a feeling it was when I was able to speak Spanish, a very simple, question of "May I ask who is calling?" and was able to understand the name of the person. I felt totally on top of the world as to me it as real progress.

Everyone's goals and targets will be different. Write a list of why you want to learn English both as a short term and longer term goal and the reasons for doing this.

If this has helped you or you have some experience of questions about this tip for learning English, please let us know :)

Ajarn Ken

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