get english tips Learn variations of new words

Learn variations of new words. You’ll get three or four words for the price of one! For example, the word “succeed” has variations including “success” (noun), “successful” (adjective), “successfully” (adverb), “succeeded” (past tense).

An excellent way to really increase your word and vocabulary count!

This is where you should start to learn the suffixes for words. Most of these will be the same for each class of word - but not always! As an example, the ending of the word -ful means the word will be an adjective as in beautiful, -ly usually means the word will be an adverb as in beautifully, -ess means it will probably be a noun as in blackness.

Once you start to recognise these endings, you will start to really learn English faster. 

I always advise my students to look at the word and if they like the sound of it then use it to its full potential. If you like something, you will tend to use it with more meaning and more enthusiasm. This is great as it means people will listen to you more and obviously you will gain some fantastic confidence when speaking in English. Try it and see and let us know how you get on with it!

Just remember the ending as just as a guide - there is not a 100% rule!! If it was easy then everyone would speak English well!! Just remember that!!

If this has helped you or you have some experience of questions about this tip for learning English, please let us know :)

Ajarn Ken