English Word Meantime

There is an excellent word used frequently in English - MEANTIME. Today we show you what it means and how to use it!

The word MEANTIME is used quite a lot in English. It means the time between one thing finishing and another starting - almost like an interval between two action or two happenings.

For example, we can say:

  • My friend is not due to arrive until 5pm, in the meantime I will go and do some work.

Here we are talking about the time now and the period of time between now and 5pm that I will do some work

We can also say, if we are at a sports game or a football match:

  • The game is not due to restart for ten minutes, in the meantime, I will go and get something to eat.

Again, this means the time is now, the sports game has finished and is to restart in ten minutes. during this interval I will eat.

In business it can also be used. In the example,

  • We are having a meeting at 5pm, in the meantime can you gather all the documents we need.
This is used in the same way as above using meantime as the time period between now and the next thing happening.