English Vocabulary beaming smile

Today's word of the day is the word BEAMING; What a fantastic, optimistic and happy word it is.

If someone is beaming it means they are really, really happy and smiling. They could be beaming because they are in love, or they have just had wonderful news. They will be radiating or omitting an aura that makes everyone around then curious as to what they are happy about or indeed making everyone around then happy too.

english word of the day - beaming

We can say, "Oh my look he her smile, she is absolutely beaming" or "I love her beaming smile" or "I wonder what her news is, she is beaming".

The word beaming is used as an adjective. As you can see we use it to describe a beautiful smile or indeed how to describe how someone looks.

It really is a fantastic word to use, it will really make people think positive about someone. In fact, I can not think of any negative way that this word can be used.

So today, I hope that you have a beaming smile like this girl in the photo is and I hope that today is the most wonderful day for you.