English vocabulary price of things

One thing about learning a language, and it is true of almost all languages I guess, is to be able to talk about the price of things.

Think about it, of you can talk about the price of something then there is the opportunity that you could perhaps get a reduced price for your goods or at the very least not pay wayyy to much for what you are buying. Sounds good? Here are our Top 10 ways to comment on the price of something.

It cost a fortune

This means it costs A LOT of money, you could even emphasise it more by saying "it cost a FORtune". Generally, we can use this phrase in English when the product we have bought is generally valuable to us and we were happy with it, even if it did cost A LOT of money! Here's an example sentence - "Hey, have you seen my watch? I put it on the table but I can't find it. Hope I haven't lost it, it cost me a fortune" "Hey, do you like my new car? It's fantastic isn't it! It cost me a fortune but it was well worth it!"

It cost an arm and a leg

10 ways to talk about the price in englishThis is fairly much the same as saying "it cost me a fortune" but I guess, we can use it more in a negative sense and for something that you feel you paid to much for -  and for anything or any price from a $5 cup of coffee to a $100,000 car. Really, anything that you said a little too much for can cost you an arm and a leg. For example, "Hey, did you see the price for the tickets for the football game? They cost an arm and a leg. Don't know if I am going to go."

That's a rip off!

wow - very strong statement to say that something is VERY MUCH overpriced. Maybe even the seller is trying to con you, in which case we would say "you've been ripped off". Sometimes we use this now to give our disgust at the price of something that really isn't value for money. For example, "What!!?!?! You paid HOW MUCH for this? Wow, that is a total rip off! I think you've been ripped off!!" Be careful how you use this one as it could offend!

I can't afford it

This means that perhaps you want to buy something but you just don't have the money to buy it. Maybe your friend wants you to go somewhere and you don't want to go - so sometimes you can use this phrase to hide the fact that you don't want to go!!! Generally used an an apologetic type of way. For example, we could say, "Yeah, I would really love to go out with you tonight but my wages haven't been paid on time and I can't afford it" or "That is far too expensive, I really can't afford it"

That's a bit pricey

This is an indirect way of saying something is a little expensive to buy. Maybe you want it, maybe you won't buy it but the pint is you are saying if the value is good, then there is a good chance that you will buy it even if it is expensive. Generally we will use it to get an opinion from someone about the subject or to get their reassurance about it. We can say for example, "hmmm, that ring looks stunning, it's a bit pricey though so I don't know if I should buy it. What do you think?"

That's quite reasonable

Now this is totally the opposite from "That's a bit pricey". This is looking for someone or yourself to reassure that it is a good buy, Generally, we would nod our head when we say this and it's really almost the final phrase before handing over the money to buy. The person is really looking for someone to agree as they are happy with the value. "Really? Is that the price? yeah, I think that's quite reasonable. I think I'll take it"

It's 20% off

Now this is very easy and straightforward. This only means the price has been discounted or reduced by 20%. Very, very, very simple! For example, "Wow, this looks very good and it's 20% off". Easy huh?

That's a good deal

Now this is very similar to "That's quite reasonable" but we will use this when the seller is bargaining with us. Perhaps they maybe reduced the price or they have given some extra items or maybe even you are swapping something. If all parties are happy then generally they would say "That's a good deal", shake hands and proceed with the deal. For example, "So, you will give me 20% off, plus you wil give me a pair of shoes free? Wow, that's a good deal!"

It was a real bargain

After we have bought something, we can show it to our friends and tell them that we got a good deal, we can now say to them "It was a real bargain" to emphasise that what you bought was very cheap - but not just cheap in price, it was cheap for that product. Whether it was $5 or $5000 if you think that it was great value and you paid less than normal, you can tell everyone that "It was a bargain" just to really show you were happy with what you bought!

It was dirt cheap

Unlike the "real bargain" this is something you maybe got a huge discount for and you really, really paid underprice for it. Maybe because the quality was not good, or the discount was HUGE. Eitherway, you bought it BECAUSE it was dirt cheap and maybe you won't ever use it but you feel like you got a fantastic bargain and that was the main reason for buying it.

So, that's our Top 10 phrases for talking about the price. Hope you enjoyed and you found it useful and you will put it into good use! Until next time, be good, take care and I'll see you through a window!

Ajarn Ken