English Idiom to keep a straight face

I have mentioned before that English idioms are an excellent way to show someone that you are improving with your English.. Ok, they maybe difficult but once you get to know then they are really fun to use and today is a fun idiom to help with you learning English.

A really fun idiom today, it's used when you really can not help laughing at something even though you shouldn't really laugh. You know that time when everything is serious and quiet and something happens unexpectedly that you just want to laugh but you cant. Well we have a great idiom for you and it's called:

  • to keep a straight face

Imagine that someone is on stage doing a show and suddenly they slip and fall off - thankfully they weren't hurt!! but you tell the story to your friend and you say, " .... my goodness, it was so funny I couldn't keep a straight face"

or your friend has an embarrassing moment getting out of the car and you think that it is really funny and you know you shouldn't laugh but you can't help yourself so you say, "I just couldn't keep a straight face"

Hahaha I really like this idiom and it's used quite a lot, see if you can use it next time you speak English with someone and you are telling a funny story!!

Hope you enjoyed that today, if you have any comments, please let them below and until next time, see you later!!

Ajarn Ken