english idiom in a nutshell

We have a really good idiom today. Sometimes when we tell stories or situation it can be tiresome or even boring to repeat ALL the story so we have an idiom that we can use.

If we want to say to someone that we are going to tell them briefly the story, we can use a special idiom in English. In fact, it's more than just briefly, its more like to get to the end of the story and tell the main point or the outcome of the story or the situation. This English idiom we can use is:

  • In a nutshell

Instead of retelling the story to someone if they ask us about a specific story, we can just tell the actual outcome of the story and prefix it with this idiom.

As an example, imagine you are looking to buy a car and you really like it. All the small details about the car you really like. So you decide to buy it. Your friend asks you as they know you had gone to look at buying a car, so the conversation might go like this?

  • Friend: Hi Ken, I heard you were looking to buy a new car. Did you can and see the Porsche that you wanted to buy?
  • Ken: Well actually yes I did. It was great.
  • Friend: So, what happened, what was it like?
  • Ken: Well, in a nutshell, I bought it!

Ken doesn't need or want to tell ALL the details so he just tells the main point of the story.

Another example might be:

  • Friend: Hi Ken, I heard the boss wanted to see you, is everything ok?
  • Ken: Well, yeah and in a nutshell, they have decided to give me the promotion!

So as you can see the English idiom - in a nutshell, saves your the bother of repeating stories over and over and just gets straight to the main point.

As to where it comes from, if you can imagine the shell of a nut being really small, and all the information should fit into the small shell of the nut! Well that's my theory anyway!! :)

Hope you enjoyed that and please feel free to leave a comment. Until next time, take care and see you soon!

Ajarn Ken