English vocabulary and prepositions

Ajarn Ken,

I am a little confused using on and onto. I thought these were the same meanings but can you tell me how to use them?

Thank you very much, RP from Portugal

 Dear RP,

Thanks for your email. Yes "on" and "onto" mean nearly the same thing but as used in different situations in English. Here are my thoughts on what the difference is.

The word "on" we can use for things which are not moving or still.

For example, "I'm putting the book "on" the table" - "The book is "on" the table".

The word "onto" we can only use for things which are moving.

We can say, "I'm putting the book "onto" the table", but we can't say, "The book is "onto" the table."

I hope this makes it clear for you!!

Thank you

Ajarn Ken