English Idiom Over the Moon

In English we have many ways to express how we feel, many phrases, many words and many idioms. Idioms are fantastic ways to show someone that your English skills are better than average PLUS by using them it will make your English speaking skills more interesting.

Today's idiom is a wonderful way to express your feeling and is used a lot in English language. 

If we want to express our delight at something, there is a fantastic idiom to use in English. The idiom:

  • over the moon

As an example, we can say "I got Grade A in the exam and I am over the moon with how I have done"

"He looked over the moon when he got the good news"  

This idiom us actually very recent in that perhaps it has started to be used much more commonly over the last 30 or so years. Mainly because of sports on television and in particular football. You will often see sportsmen and women being interviewed on television after winning something.

More often than not, they will use this idiom to express their joy and delight at winning.

"When I crossed that finishing line I was over the moon"

"I am over the moon to have scored that winning goal in the last minute and we won the game"

I could go on and on giving more examples but I am sure you understand. Go on and try it. Use it and see how good your feel!!

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any queries, questions or comments.

Thanks for now!!

Ajarn Ken