English Vocabulary What consider means and how to use it

Today we look at the word CONSIDER in English. It is a really great word to use in many half formal situations and can really show that your vocabulary range is of a good quality.

Consider is a great word to use that will or may show someone that your vocabulary range is quite good. It is used a lot by native English speakers who have a good level of English vocabulary but it is really quite simple to use.

Consider is a verb that simply means

  • to think about,
  • to look at, or
  • to judge.

As an example, how to use it:

"You may want to consider all the information before you make a decision"

What this means is: before you make a decision, it may be a good idea for you to think about all the information.

"In order to consider the best job offer, it is a good idea to look at all the benefits and salary"

The main grammar points for the verb consider are:

  • past tense: considered;
  • past participle: considered;
  • gerund or present participle: considering
  • noun: consideration

We can also use consider to show regard that someone or something has having a specified quality. For example we can say "I consider him irresponsible" 

look attentively at. "he considered the women around the table with wariness

Ajarn Ken