English Vocabulary What's the difference between "further" and "more"

Hi Mr. Ken

Its really nice to learn English in such an easy way like you are teaching , I wanted to know about using of further & more.

Thanx . Rehana

Thank you Rehana for your email.

We use further into two ways, the main way we use it is if we continue talking about something from the past and continue into the future.

For example, imagine we have sent a letter last week to the bank manager, if we are talking about it today, we would say, "Further to my letter last week....."

Another example is this, imagine you are walking to the train station from your the shopping mall. You ask someone if the train station is around here and they may reply, "Yes, it's further down the street on the left" This is because we started walking in the past and we continue into the future.

We use "more" when we start something now into the future.

For example, image we are giving a presentation to a group of people, at the end we can say, "Thank you for your attention, if you would like more information then please ask." We use "more" because the presentation has finished and the request for information has started now.

So the difference is that "further" we use when something starts in the past and we continue it now and into the future. "More" we use when something starts now and goes into the future.