English Vocabulary Two meanings of "like" in English

ajarn Ken, I hear some of my English friends saying the word LIKE quite a lot and I have no idea why!!! Can you help?

Andreas from Belarus.

Hello Andreas

In English language, "like" has two meanings.

The first one is a verb and means "to enjoy".

For example, we can say, "I like going for a walk with my dog" or "I like to learn English" Both mean that it is enjoyable for me to do these things.

The second meaning is similar and can be used in a few different ways.

For example, "This book is like this book here but this book is different from that book there." This means the first book is similar but the second book is different or not similar.

In a more formal way of speaking, we can say, "I responded in like manner" meaning I did the same thing.

Another use of "like" you may hear in English, especially with native speakers is when it is used as a filler word and has no meaning - usually when the speak is uncertain about what they are talking about. This is generally used by younger speakers.

For example, "The place was, like, really busy for a Friday night" Much the same way that you may hear "umm" when a native speaker is speaking.