English Vocabulary using so in english

Hi Ajarn Ken,

Thanks for your website. It really is good for me to look at and helps me with my English. I have a question, the word so in English is used many many times and sometimes it can confuse me how and when to use it.

Can you tell me really what it means and when should it be used?

Thank you so much!!

Paulo from Italy

Hi Paulo, thanks for your email. Yes, the word "so" in English language has many many uses but it is a good word to learn how it is used as it can make English a little easier as it can be used in many situations.

Here are some examples:

The following sentences give examples of how it is used:-

  1. "in order that".
    "You must read it again, so that you will remember it well"
    "I will show you where the keys are kept so (in order that) that you will not have to ask me next time."
  2. "in order to"
    "Come early, so as to get a good seat"
    "we wore very light clothes so (in order to) as not to suffer from the heat."
  3. "etc"
    "During the weekend, we go to the theatre, the cinema, a game of football, and so on"
    "Everybody came to the part, Mary, David, Sergio and so on (etc)"
  4. not true
    "He said the train had left, but it was not so (not true) this is the same as saying it was not true when he said the train had left.
  5. said as an exclamation
    "So, you have come after all!
  6. It so happens that I have just the thing you are looking for
  7. Would you be so kind as to help me wash up the plates and dishes


Ajarn Ken