Learn English expression To Look Straight Through Somone

I was in English class with some students the other day and we were discussing something about customer service where something had gone wrong. She was trying to describe the reaction of the customer.

The student was saying she was trying to help but the customer was angry and was ignoring her. In fact, it was a little worse than that, as the customer was really looking directly at the student but without any emotion on their face.

In English, we have a great idiom or expression which is 'to look straight through someone'

Can you imagine that you are looking at someone and you think they are looking at you but really, you realise they aren't looking at you. They are looking, it seems, behind you and don't even notice or recognise you.

This is when we would use the idiom 'to look straight through someone'. As an example, if we think we recognise someone walking down the street and you smile as they come close but, to your horror, they don't recognise you. You can say:

I was walking down the street and I saw Jane coming towards me, I smiled at her but she never smiled back, I don't think she even noticed me, she just looked right through me.

As you can see we can use both 'right' and 'straight'. 'They looked right through me' or 'They looked straight through me'.

Can you make a sentence with the expression 'to look straight through someone'? Give it a try and leave a comment!

Hope you find this useful! 

Good luck!

Ajarn Ken