English Phrasal Verbs using Look

Phrasal Verbs are just the same as normal verbs except they have more than one word and, importantly, the meaning of the main verb changes depending on the other words.

Take the verb - To Look, as an example. We all know this is when we are using our eyes to see something that isn't moving.

But, if we change the verb ending slightly, it changes the meaning.

Do you know what the meaning of these phrasal Verbs are?:

  1. To Look Forward To

  2. To Look Up To

  3. To Look Out For

  4. To Look Down On

  5. To Look Into

Answers are below :)

Ajarn Ken

Here are the answers:

  1. To Look Forward To - to be excited about a future event. e.g. to look forward to your holidays or birthday etc

  2. To Look Up To - to admire or respect someone. e.g I really look upto my dad, he is such an inspiration

  3. To Look Out For - to wait for an expected action. e.g. I am expected a delivery soon, can you look out for it for me.

  4. To Look Down On - to have no respect for someone. e.g. He thinks he is better than everyone else and looks down on them.

  5. To Look Into - to search for new information or an existing event. e.g I'm not sure when the bus arrives but I'll look into it for you.