Vocab: English Word of the Day - Beaming

Today's word of the day is the word BEAMING; What a fantastic, optimistic and happy word it is.

Vocab: The difference between "tell" and "say" in English Vocabulary

Ajarn Ken
I have had it explained many times but still I do not know the difference between using Tell and say in English.Can you help?

English Phrasal Verbs using Look

Phrasal Verbs are just the same as normal verbs except they have more than one word and, importantly, the meaning of the main verb changes depending on the other words.

Vocab: What is the difference between using "in" and "within" English vocabulary

Hey Ajarn Ken
Thanks for your website. I find it useful to me learning English. I hope you can answer my question, What is the difference between using in and within in. How can i remember the difference?

Top 6 English vocabulary alternatives to using 'good'

I saw sitting in class the other day with a couple of students and were describing things. The adjective the students most used was 'good' and when pushed for an alternative the best that they could push them to was 'great'.

Idiom: Get One Down

Can you explain to me the Idiom Get myself down or get you down. BJ

Vocab: English Word of the day - MEANTIME

There is an excellent word used frequently in English - MEANTIME. Today we show you what it means and how to use it!

Vocab: 10 ways to talk about the price of things

One thing about learning a language, and it is true of almost all languages I guess, is to be able to talk about the price of things.

Vocab: The difference between "what" and "whatever" English Vocabulary

Hi Ajarn Ken,
I really like the website! What is the difference between using what and whatever in English as sometimes this makes me confused!!!! Hope you can help! Thank you.

Idiom: Over The Moon

In English we have many ways to express how we feel, many phrases, many words and many idioms. Idioms are fantastic ways to show someone that your English skills are better than average PLUS by using them it will make your English speaking skills more interesting.

Vocab: Two meanings of "like" in English

ajarn Ken, I hear some of my English friends saying the word LIKE quite a lot and I have no idea why!!! Can you help?

Idiom: What does the English idiom Hard Up mean

Ajarn Ken can you tell me the meaning of the English Idiom Hard Up. It means to have little or no money, right?

Idiom: In A Nutshell

We have a really good idiom today. Sometimes when we tell stories or situation it can be tiresome or even boring to repeat ALL the story so we have an idiom that we can use.

Learn English Idiom: To Pat Someone on the Back

I was in learn English class recent and one thing I do with students, is we talk about their work experiences and the good things that happened to them and the feedback they received.

Idiom: Snap Decision

Hello Ajarn Ken, I have known about the idiom in English called a snap decision. Can you tell me more about what it means please?

Vocab: Using "why" and "because"

Ajarn Ken
Using Why and because - they mean the same thing, dont they?

Vocab: The three uses of "then" in English Vocabulary

Ajarn Ken
One thing I think I need to really improve my English is using the small words - one word I have problems with is the word THEN. Can you help?

Learn English Idiom: To look straight through somebody

I was in English class with some students the other day and we were discussing something about customer service where something had gone wrong. She was trying to describe the reaction of the customer.

Vocab: The difference in using "between" and "among"

Hello Ajarn Ken,
I think that between and among are the same word. How do I use these properly in English?

Idiom: Full of Beans

Have you ever known someone who is so full of energy, enthusiastic and always smiling and happy?