Gerunds and Infinitives English Grammar

What's the difference between gerunds and the infinitive?

Ajarn Ken,
Can you tell me what the difference is between gerunds and the infinitive of verbs?
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the perfect tense english grammar

Grammar: When do we use the past perfect tense

Dear Ajarn Ken,
Can you tell me please, how to use the past perfect tense. When is it that I can use it best?
Using the perfect tense in English grammar

Grammar: How do I make the perfect tense and why?

Ajarn Ken,
Sometimes it confuses me about the perfect tenses in English Grammar. Can you tell me, in simple terms, how it works and when do we use it?
Learn English Gerunds Grammar

What are gerunds? Are they nouns or verbs?

Hi Ajarn Ken,
this question drives me crazy about English!!! Can you tell me about gerunds ... what are they? Are they verbs or nouns?
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English Grammar and Vocabulary - using UP with a verb

I'm always confused when people say a verb and end with UP