Grammar: Easy way to remember the Future Tense in English grammar

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The Future Tense English Grammar

Do you have trouble with the future tense in English grammar and which way is best to use? Here is a quick and easy way to remember what to use and how to use it.

With the future tense in English grammar there are a number of ways and structures to use.

It can be broken down into to things - is the action planned (e.g.) do you have the intention to do something, or is it not planned - maybe you are just thinking about it and is not 100% definite.

We can use the present continuous with a future date or "going to" plus verb 1 for something that is planned


  • I am travelling to France tomorrow..
  • I am going to travel to France tomorrow..
  • I am doing my homework tonight..
  • I am going to do my homework tonight..

If something is NOT planned then we can use WILL plus Verb 1.

  • Perhaps I will travel to France tomorrow..
  • I will do my homework tonight maybe.
  • I will visit my friend later

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