Conjunctions for adding more information

English students can really make their sentences flow a lot easier if they use proper conjunctions. In English grammar, a conjunction connects two sentences clauses. (A clause is one part of the same sentence!). There are many different conjunctions.

In this lesson, we look at how to join two clauses with the same information, or to to put another way to add the second clause to give more information.

For example, using a contraction for additional information we can use these conjunctions:

  •  And  - (I love travelling and Spain is my favourite destination)
  •  Further   - (Further to our conversation, I am enclosing the information you requested)
  •  Furthermore  - (The traffic is really busy and furthermore I see this continuing for another week)
  •  Moreover  - (your exam was good and moreover you will do better if you practice more)
  •  In addition  - (I would like to thank you for your presentation and in addition would like to invite you back next week)
  •  Additionally  - (Please could you arrive on time and additionally bring your homework with you)
  •  Then  - (If you practice more then you will become better at speaking English)
  •  Also  - (Can you bring your homework and also your calculators)
  •  Too - (Can you bring your homework and your calculators too)
  •  Besides  - (There is nothing I would like to say besides thank you for your time)
  •  Again  - (Thank you and again I would like to invite you back next week)
  •  Equally important  - (That is good information and equally important is......... )
  •  First, second
  •  Finally, lastly