Using basic articles in English Grammar

Knowing your articles is quite important when you are speaking English. Not only do they help to show the number of the noun but also they will help you to sound smooth when you speak.

Here a quick look at some of the differences and uses of articles.

a/an  the 
Used for countable nouns.
E.g. we can not say an information as information is not countable

Used for both countable and uncountable

Used when there is one of many
e.g. Please give me a pen. (this shows there are many pens but I just want any one that is there.

For more than one pen, we would ask – Please give me some pens. (please give me an unspecified amount)

Used for only one (one thing or one group)
e.g. Please give me the pen. (this shows there is only one pen and I want it.)

For more than one pen – all pens we would say:
Please give me the pens. (please give me all the pens there)
Used first time with an unspecified noun
e.g. I saw an old lady waiting at the bus station.
Used second time onwards with an unspecified noun
e.g. The old lady got on the bus

Obviously this is just a quick guide, there are other articles we could use, and in fact there are times when there are no articles used. This will be for another lesson!

Hope you have found this useful.