Adverbs of Frequency in English Grammar

Hi Ajarn Ken, I wonder if you can help me with English grammar. I would like to know more about adverbs. For example, I know we use the world ALWAYS with things we do 100% of the time. What are the rest of the adverbs we can use to say how often we do things? thank you so much for your reply. Tuk from Laos.

Hi Tuk, I hope you are well in Laos! Beautiful country!! Ok, it is quite simple to follow and I have shown you a photo of how and when to use Adverbs of Frequency.

You will see that as you said, we use the adverb ALWAYS when do do something 100% of the time in English grammar. On the opposite side, we can use NEVER when we do something 0% of the time.

I so hope this helps you. You can see this also on our FACEBOOK page by clicking here Thanks for your question. Ajarn Ken

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