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The two alphabets in English

How many alphabets do you know in English? most people will know the one alphabet, the one that we use every day to spell - A, B, C, D etc.What if I was to tell you that in fact there are two alphabets in English?

I remember being at school when I was around 5 years old and the teacher getting the whole class to recite the alphabet, but it wasn't the main spelling alphabet, it was the little sound alphabet. The one that we use every day but probbaly never think about.

WE use this little pronunciation alphabet when we speak. To a native English speaker, it isn't too important as we speak it all the time and we have our own way of speaking but the small alphabet is very important and it gets overlooked by teachers and students time after time.

So, there is the little alphabet:

 It is a great idea to practice this English small alphabet each day as it will really improve your English pronunciation. It is something that I always tell my students who are having some difficulty with the pronunciation in English.

Try it and practice it for a few weeks and see if you find you have improved and feel more confident with your English speaking. Hope it helps!

Ajarn Ken