The two alphabets in English

How many alphabets do you know in English? most people will know the one alphabet, the one that we use every day to spell - A, B, C, D etc.What if I was to tell you that in fact there are two alphabets in English?

How to tell a proper personal story in English for a job interview

Hi guys, one thing that I am doing at the moment is teaching University graduates how to get their dream job. To make things even harder, they must do the interviews in a foreign language. I think it is fantastic how they are able to to do this. On thing English language students need to be able to do is to tell the story to keep the interviewers attention.

Using the subjunctive mood in English grammar

One thing I am often asked about from confused students is the past simple but....when the past simple uses I were instead of I was. Today we are going t be looking at the subjunctive mood, what it is and how it is used.

pronouns english grammar

Ajarn Ken, Can you give me a list of the pronouns we use in English grammar? I know there are different ones for different situations. I think I know most of them. Seng from Vietnam.