This is quite a common question that I get explaining the various determiners and quantifiers in English grammar. This question from a student on my Instagram channel was asking for the difference between 'few' and 'little' in English grammar

How would you answer this student question?

Practice your English and write below how you would explain the answer to this. You can also write a couple of sentences and I'll check them for you

Here's the transcript:

Very simply, the difference between 'few' and 'little' is that 'few' we will use with countable nouns. There are few cars few people etc.

Little we use with uncountable. There's little milk, little money. Little is for uncountable.

That's really, really the difference. I know a lot of people get a little bit confused but we use 'few' with countable nouns.

Few cups, few people, few cars. Little money, little information etc

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