improve your english fluency tips

How can I improve my fluency in English? What can I do to speak English much more fluently? This was a question I had in my Question and Answers stories on my Instagram page.

This is a very common question. Everyone want to be fluent in English which is great! So here are a couple of tips to help you speak a little smoother in English

Look for linking sounds. In English we pronounce the final sounds of words and this helps us to speak smoother and more fluent. As an example, if we say 'I want to turn on the computer', it is actually pronounced 'I wan-ti-tur-non-di-computer' We link the vowels of prepositions to the final sounds of words.

We speak in no more than 8 syllables when we speak, before taking a short pause. Practice speaking 5-8 syllable as taking a short pause, listen to how native speakers are speaking and copy them when they take a pause. Remember English has a rhythm to it, listen out to how native speakers speak and copy.

Read and speak when you read and practice these tips above. In no time, you'll be much smoother