How to improve my English Grammar

Here's a question from the Q&A on my Instagram page asking about improving grammar. Here's what I think

There are many ways to improve your English grammar.

  • Reading regularly is a good way but you must speak when you read. If you do that, you will remember much, much more and you will begin to recognise different strucutres and grammar rules and after a while this will become automatic.
  • Find something that you enjoy reading, maybe a book, novel, newspapers, blogs, articles etc. Whatever it is, take 15 minutes every day just to practice reading these aloud.
  • You may also want to write pages from these, copy and write what ytou see. Again this will help you to improve and recognise the grammar rules and structures.
  • Write about your past experiences, this will help with past tenses. Write and rewrite different ways.

There is no magic wand or magic formula to improve your English grammar except practice and hard work.

Good luck!