English learning tips - 3 ways of making learning easier

For students learning a language, some books and resources will go through and advise you to learn words one by one. By this I mean there will be a long list of new words and they ask you to memorize....sounds a good an interesting way to learn? No, we don;t think so either....here are three tips on learning a new language.....


1. The first think to remember is that learning a language is all about sounds and how the sounds are in a sentence.

Even in your own native language, it is no doubt correct to say that you don't really think about the individual words but more of how every thing is put together.

So, with that in mind, when you learn a new word or phrase, put the word or phrase into a sentence and think of it that way. For example, take the English phrase "a taste for". A very simple phrase. (in case you don't know, "a taste for" is a phrase meaning that you like something!!)

Now, how do you remember that phrase? Make a sentence with it and imagine the sentence. It doesn't even need to make too much sense, just as long as you can imagine the picture in your mind. Take this example:

"I've a taste for 1970's fashion" - this means that "I like fashion from the 1970's decade". I have a picture in my mind about how fashion looked in the 1970s. Some of it is very weird if you can imagine!!...Now you make a sentence using "a taste for..."

or take the word "garden". very simple. If it's a new word, put it into a sentence - "The fridge is in the garden". Can you imagine what a fridge looks in the garden? Again, it doesn't need to make sense!!

So, you can learn any new word - look up an English dictionary now, open it and pick a word that you do not know. Find the translation and make a simple sentence using a picture in your mind....now this leads us onto the second part...

2. Make it parrot fashion. By this I mean repeat and repeat and repeat. Don't think - speak.

90% of what you learn you forget because you do not use what you learn. By repeating and repeating you are literally reminding your mind or brain the thing. Very important. Sportsmen and women dont just try once or twice at their sport, they practice over and over again, repeating and repeating their actions. Language is the same thing.

So when you learn a new word or phrase, make a picture in your mind and repeat it. It could be a picture of the word or it could be the letters themselves but repeat and repeat and again, repeat. You will find that very soon, your mind will do this automatically as a way of learning.

3. Small and often - take the words and phrases that YOU use in your own language and translate them

Learning a new language takes perserverance and patience. Learn what you already know. the words and phrases that you use in your own language, learn the translations for them. For example, there may be many ways to say "Hi, how are you?". English we can say "Hey, hows it going?" or "Hi, what are you upto?"

Learn these and soon you will find it easier to learn new phrases and find how they all fit together

I hope this helps. Let us know if it does and any comments you may have!

As a side note the Learn English Video Course teaches exactly this way. New Phrases or words are immediately used - repeating them often and using easy to remember and often used words - especially at the beginning.