So you want to speak British English like a native? Here are five excellent expressions that you will need to know that British English speakers use in everyday situations.

Give me a bell

Why do you want a bell? Don't worry, this comomon expression is just British English speakers way of saying that you will call someone soon! Give me a bell later and we will make arrangements!

I'm bloody furious

A very British word - Bloody! You're thinking lots of blood, right? WEll no, this is right on the line of being a curse worse, not as bad as a curse word and is acceptable to a lot of people but saying it shows that you are really angry. Or it can also be used positively, it was bbloody marvellous, meaning you really enjoyed it! How's that for British English?

I'm going for a kip

40 winks, a nap, hit the sack and now going for a kip. If you are in Laos next to Thailand and say this, it means that you are going to get some money but in British English, this means that you are going for a quick sleep. normally when you are exhausted or rally tied would you say this

I'm nipping to the loo

A very British exporession, I've heard Americans loving this expression with a mixture of confusion and cuteness!This just means that you are quickly going to just the bathroom

He's a total skiver

Ah someone who is lazy, and whenever someone mentions work, they will be nowhere to be seen. A skiver is more than lazy and someone who turns into HArry Houdini at the mention of work!

Ajarn Ken is Ken Thorkildsen, a native British English teacher from Scotland in the UK. Ken has taught thousands of students all over the world to speak better English.






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