Wanting to speak English is probably the number one thing I am asked. In fact, having the opportunity to speak English came top in a recent survey of my Get English Tips Instagram community.

So, the big question is "How can I learn to speak English" The one thing that you should remember is that some people can learn a language quicker than others. So never compare yourself.

l've been really lucky to have been able to visit many countries. I decided to integrate myself into my local communities while I lived abroad and that included learning at least how to converse.

So here are 3 ways you can learn, and practice to speak English.

Movie and Series

This is a great way to practice as you probably know. So how are you learning while you are watching Netflix?

Firstly, what are you watching? It's really important to do things that you enjoy so find topics that you enjoy. Listen for pieces of vocabulary that keep reappearing. This will usually be important but it's also important to use that vocabulary in context. Watch with different subtitles to the audio. If the audio is in English, watch with your own subtitles and vice versa, if the audio is in your own language, use English subtitles. And don't forget to speak along and copy what is in front of you.

Read aloud a book or a blog

This is a great way to practice. and you can incorporate it into your daily routine. Again, ill ask you to ask yourself "What are your interests" 'Look for blogs and books that match your interests. Blogs are great as they will be mostly written in everyday language 'Newspapers are good also as the vocabulary will differ from blogs generally and in some newspapers it will be enhanced vocabulary. Novels and books are great for describing and reported speech. As always, whatever you are doing, remember to speak while you read for at least 15 minutes.

Learn English Websites

There are lots of websites around now that English learners can chat to native speakers. websites such as italki.com encourage learners to sign up and connect to native teachers of course, there is a cost for this but certainly for a lot of people that can, it's great practice What do you think? What are the best ways for you to speak English?

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Ajarn Ken is an English as a second language teacher with over 10 years experience teaching English all over the world including Europe, Central and South America and Asia.


Most recently, Ken was teaching university graduates in Bangkok, Thailand English and self development to prepare them for working in the aviation industry.


Ken successfully worked with hundreds of students placing them with some of the world's most well known airlines including Qatar, Emirates, Thai Airways, Norwegian Air, Gulf Air, Singapore Airline and many more.


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