How to use ain't English vocabulary and grammar

Ain't is a word we will mainly use in spoken English and it's used very informally and it shows a negative.

We can use it with a noun and say, for example:

  • I ain't got any money

 and this would mean

  • I haven't got any money.

We can also use it with the continuous tense and say:

  • I ain 't speaking to them

 and this would mean:

  • I am not speaking to them

 and this implies that maybe you've had a disagreement and have fallen out.

We'll also use it with adjectives and say for example:

  • I ain't hungry

again meaning that

  • I am not hungry

So as you can see "ain't' shows a negative. As a real informal and colloquial saying, you may hear some people say something like

  • I ain't got no money!

Now, this is a double negative and if You have a double negative it will normally mean a positive, but here it still remains a negative.! So jst be careful with that.

So I ain' t' is a negative for the auxiliary or helping verbs 'have' and 'be'. and remember only use in informal situations.

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