Difference between so far and yet

These words or expressions are very similar, both are used with the Present Perfect Tense. They show that an expected action has not happened from a starting point in the past until now.

The very slight difference is that 'so far' implies that it may or may not happen, we are unsure. We can use 'so for' at the beginning, middle or the end of a sentence.

For example:

  1. So far it hasn't rained today and I hope it stays that way.
  2. It hasn't rained so far today and I hope it stays that way

Yet, on the other hand, implies that a second action will come. Look at these examples:

It hasn't rained yet but it looks like it will.

  • It hasn't Yet rained but I'm expecting that it will.

Note that if we put 'Yet' at the beginning of the sentence, if changes the meaning to 'but'

So as you can see 'so far' can be used to imply a second action may or may not happen

'Yet' implies that the second action is likely to happen.

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