Grammar: Easy way to remember the Future Tense in English grammar

Do you have trouble with the future tense in English grammar and which way is best to use? Here is a quick and easy way to remember what to use and how to use it.

Vocab: 10 ways to talk about the price of things

One thing about learning a language, and it is true of almost all languages I guess, is to be able to talk about the price of things.

#1 Have a short term and long term plan

Give yourself a short term goal and a long term goal and focus on working towards them. Reward yourself when you hit a target or achieve your goal. Know why you are learning English.

What are gerunds? Are they nouns or verbs?

Hi Ajarn Ken,
this question drives me crazy about English!!! Can you tell me about gerunds ... what are they? Are they verbs or nouns?

Do you know how to use VERY, SO, REALLY, SUCH and TOO?


Idiom: Keep A Straight Face

I have mentioned before that English idioms are an excellent way to show someone that you are improving with your English.. Ok, they maybe difficult but once you get to know then they are really fun to use and today is a fun idiom to help with you learning English.

Grammar: The Emphatic Do

In the English language, As you may already know, the auxiliary verb "do" is used in the Present Simple Tense only in the interrogative (questions) and negative but not in the positive.

The two alphabets in English

How many alphabets do you know in English? most people will know the one alphabet, the one that we use every day to spell - A, B, C, D etc.What if I was to tell you that in fact there are two alphabets in English?

What's the difference between gerunds and the infinitive?

Ajarn Ken,
Can you tell me what the difference is between gerunds and the infinitive of verbs?

Vocab: English Word of the day - MEANTIME

There is an excellent word used frequently in English - MEANTIME. Today we show you what it means and how to use it!

Vocab: Using "on" and "onto"

Ajarn Ken,
I am a little confused using on and onto. I thought these were the same meanings but can you tell me how to use them?

Interview: How to tell a proper personal story in English for a job interview

Hi guys, one thing that I am doing at the moment is teaching University graduates how to get their dream job. To make things even harder, they must do the interviews in a foreign language. I think it is fantastic how they are able to to do this. On thing English language students need to be able to do is to tell the story to keep the interviewers attention.

Vocab: The word "hard" has 3 meanings in English

Hello Ajarn Ken,
I was doing some course work and saw that the word hard has more than one meaning in English. This surprised me! Can you tell me how many meanings it has in English?

Vocab: What would you attempt to do

There is a really good word to use in English when you are trying to explain something that you are going to try to do!

Vocab: The meanings of "get"

Hi Ajarn Ken,
I have seen the word get used so many times in so many ways. Can you tell me how to use the word get properly in English please?

Learn English Idiom: To Pat Someone on the Back

I was in learn English class recent and one thing I do with students, is we talk about their work experiences and the good things that happened to them and the feedback they received.

Vocab: The difference between "tell" and "say" in English Vocabulary

Ajarn Ken
I have had it explained many times but still I do not know the difference between using Tell and say in English.Can you help?

Grammar: The Zero Conditional in English Grammar

There are five conditional clauses or IF Clauses in English Grammar.

Grammar: The difference between There is and To Have in English Grammar

One thing I have been noticing with my English students here in Thailand is the verb To Have and using it incorrectly.

Top 6 English vocabulary alternatives to using 'good'

I saw sitting in class the other day with a couple of students and were describing things. The adjective the students most used was 'good' and when pushed for an alternative the best that they could push them to was 'great'.