Vocab: English Word of the Day - Beaming

Today's word of the day is the word BEAMING; What a fantastic, optimistic and happy word it is.

Vocab: English Word of the day - MEANTIME

There is an excellent word used frequently in English - MEANTIME. Today we show you what it means and how to use it!

Adverbs of Frequency

Hi Ajarn Ken, I wonder if you can help me with English grammar. I would like to know more about adverbs. For example, I know we use the world ALWAYS with things we do 100% of the time. What are the rest of the adverbs we can use to say how often we do things? thank you so much for your reply. Tuk from Laos.

Idiom: From the English Whiteboard - 'Draw the Short Straw"

The Whiteboard today is the English Idiom "Draw the Short Straw". What it means and how to use it.

Idiom: From The English Whiteboard-Take On Board

From the whiteboard today, we look at the expression "Take on Board"

How to make the comparatives and superlatives

Ajarn Ken,
What is the easier way remembering how to make the comparatives and superlatives of adjectives, adverbs and participles?

Idiom: Keep A Straight Face

I have mentioned before that English idioms are an excellent way to show someone that you are improving with your English.. Ok, they maybe difficult but once you get to know then they are really fun to use and today is a fun idiom to help with you learning English.

Vocab: What would you attempt to do

There is a really good word to use in English when you are trying to explain something that you are going to try to do!

Vocab: The difference in using "between" and "among"

Hello Ajarn Ken,
I think that between and among are the same word. How do I use these properly in English?

Vocab: Using "why" and "because"

Ajarn Ken
Using Why and because - they mean the same thing, dont they?

The two alphabets in English

How many alphabets do you know in English? most people will know the one alphabet, the one that we use every day to spell - A, B, C, D etc.What if I was to tell you that in fact there are two alphabets in English?

Idiom: Get One Down

Can you explain to me the Idiom Get myself down or get you down. BJ

Vocab: From The English Whiteboard-Intimidate

Here's my whiteboard for today. We were discussing the word 'Intimidate' and how to use it.

Grammar: How to express The Future Intention

Hi Ajarn Ken,
Can you help me please. I know there are many ways to express the Future Tense. What is the Future Intention and when do we use it?

Top 6 English vocabulary alternatives to using 'good'

I saw sitting in class the other day with a couple of students and were describing things. The adjective the students most used was 'good' and when pushed for an alternative the best that they could push them to was 'great'.

Grammar: Conjunctions for adding more information

English students can really make their sentences flow a lot easier if they use proper conjunctions. In English grammar, a conjunction connects two sentences clauses. (A clause is one part of the same sentence!). There are many different conjunctions.

Idiom: Full of Beans

Have you ever known someone who is so full of energy, enthusiastic and always smiling and happy?

Grammar: The difference between There is and To Have in English Grammar

One thing I have been noticing with my English students here in Thailand is the verb To Have and using it incorrectly.

Learn English Idiom: To look straight through somebody

I was in English class with some students the other day and we were discussing something about customer service where something had gone wrong. She was trying to describe the reaction of the customer.

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